Our Story


    THis is who we are...

There’s a lot of history that got us to where we are today. In our beginning days, the idea of our shop was conceived with the desire to gather people together.  Everyone needs connection and a place to belong.  Everyone should have a place to make themselves at home.  This became the foundation, in 1998 that the coffee shop was born. Since then, many years of awesome moments have been shared by individuals from all over. Feelings of welcome, connecting and gathering together were enjoyed by all. 


In the Spring of 2015, we started identifying some values that we’d like to model our coffee label after. We established that Everyone is Valuable  (basic yes, but making all your actions and moves match, that was challenging and hard). We have grown and adjusted. We spent more time talking about our goals, our hopes and dreams and encouraging each other to do awesome stuff.  We celebrate one another and love hearing about ways that we find ourselves winning


We also decided that we value Growth. Everyone should grow (individually and the label itself). We started peeling back layers that we could grow. We realized that we needed to make more room at the table for individuals with dietary restrictions. We have grown immensely in our ability to create gluten free and dairy free items. We started cooking our own chicken, making our own buns and developing more holistic food. We changed our coffee beans to a small local roaster in Vancouver and are creating beverages with fresh beans (so yummy). We’ve embraced DIY projects (thank you Pinterest and YouTube) and asked our friends to help us make our place more awesome! 


It’s remarkable with what has been accomplished on this journey. It took a lot of time, love, communication and hard work (blood, sweat and tears - oh the stories we could tell). We have grown so much and still have so much more to grow. We love that we’re local and independent! It allows us to make some of our own rules - like drawing on the walls, having a kid’s art gallery (to display their awesome colouring pages) and writing encouragement notes to our favourite guests. We love sharing our space with others and sincerely want to build a place where people know they are valued, and they matter. If we could all learn to embrace our own unique stories (flaws and all) while being determined to grow, we will certainly make something beautiful together. 


There’s room for you (all that you are, and all that you want to become). 

Please, make yourself at home.