Learning Curves

What a learning curve we went through this past weekend. being a food and beverage vendor and sponsor at Chilliwack’s Canada Day Celebration! Learning, growing, flexible, sunshine, new friends, old friends. more growing (yes, I know i said growing twice there, that was on purpose). To be honest, I’m still catching my breath from it. Super big day for us.

One of my highlights from Canada day, was doing some ice-cream samples just before fireworks. It was fun to see the responses of surprise when people tried our London Fog Ice-cream. Awesome to hear praises about it. Ron and I brought one to my mom (on the weekend while we were loading a truck) and she said it was “amazing".. such fun to hear that! So, on that note. a couple things.

1. We’re excited to participate in being a vendor at our fun downtown Party in the Park for July! We’re bring some of our 1/2 pints of ice-cream to the streets! We’d love to share them with you! (yes, the London Fog will be there. but so will our other flavours!

Oreo (classic and well loved), Peanut Butter Truffle (bits of peanut butter bar in our sweet cream base), London Fog (made with our Early Grey Cream from our local friends from Aromatica Fine Teas). Our Blueberry Cheesecake, made with local Chilliwack Blueberries, Klaassen Farm berries. we have this one in regular as well as a Sugar Free and Keto variety! Also, our Vegan S’mores for our Dairy Free friends. Lots of varieties gluten free and high taste!

2. Sampling Sunday!! We’d love to invite you to join us for another one of these Sunday Fun times! I know I said we were gonna do one this Sunday. but honestly, I don’t think I can pull it together. (learning my limits, and I know i’m not the only one learning these kinda limits). I’m thinking Sunday, July 21. Would you wanna join us on the 21st for some good family time and sampling new yummy things coming outa our kitchen?!

Let us know, we’d love to add you to our event list! (ps - it’s free, we just wanna spend time with our friends and have your feedback on our new menu items..and ice-cream, always ice-cream)

Hope you’re doing well.
Hope you’re allowing yourself to grow. Hope you’re being kind to yourself. Hope that you are finding moments for the sun to kiss your face.
You’re valuable and we’re glad to be your friend!
Great days here and more great days ahead!


Operations Lead, Decades Coffee

Decades Coffee Club