Big News!

Have you seen and heard OUR SUPER BIG NEWS!

(just announced this week) WE’RE MOVING down the street into the new development in Downtown Chilliwack!!!  This has been one of our best kept secrets for a while.. and we’ve been bursting wanting to talk about it!  In my studio (some of our work space) has new logo ideas for rebranding and floor plans and cool pics when we did a site visit.. and dreaming and planning.. AND NOW WE CAN TALK MORE ABOUT IT! 


We love what Algra Brothers (the development company) that is doing the new build down town is creating!  Lots of awesome local businesses, walkable streets and in places to hangout. (I’ll attach a pic of our new spot with Ron in front of it). Excited to create a new design for our kitchen and dream of everything that goes along with moving!


We love the support that we feel from our community and are excited to walk into these new dreams! Thrilled to have you walk with us!


Couple notable things for this week.. 


>> LIVE MUSIC in the parking lot THIS SATURDAY! A few locals that do covers and originals and.. formerly known as “6 old men”, now i M u.. will be playing in the parking lot from 630pm - 830 pm. Bring a lawn chair and a friend and come and have some fun and relax with us!


>> Also, Klassen farm 10lb boxes.. that’s a thing! We’re selling for $27.00 and a free Blueberry Lemonade!  Best deal in town.. unless you go pick them yourself. (i made sure that you’re getting the best deal lol) Let us know if you want us to put your name in some of them (reserve them.. that’s what i’m trying to say)!


>> double also, I made Blueberry Cobbler. First time ever. I have no picture to show you.. but man was it good!  Gluten free and vegan and WOWIE!  Would you like it if you could eat those at our house on the regular? Also, Blueberry Pie?  A full pie to take home with you? DO tell, influence me.. what do you wanna see?


ok ok. 

All those exciting things!

So much growing and awesome things!!



(ohh. Party in the park Friday night too.. come grab a coffee from us and take in some fun live music. make it a double header.. music in the park Friday and then in our parking lot Saturday night?)


Love (an excited girl)



Decades Coffee, Operations Lead

Decades Coffee Club