You Had Me At Ice Cream

“You had me at ice-cream” - Todd,

Truth: When I first saw this picture (Carrie emailed me a copy of it), my eyes welled up with tears and the thought came to my heart.. "my dreams are coming alive”.

I posted this pic on my social media accounts and got responses from friends asking about my vegan options. (I was like, “what? I haven’t figured that out yet”) When we first began releasing pics of our Ice-cream Sandwiches (a few weeks ago now), people asked about dairy free options then too.. At the time, I felt overwhelmed with how to stock and sell ice-cream, so decided to get my basic Sweet Cream (Vanilla Base) ice-cream rolling, and introduce options later as we go.

THEN, the thought occurred to me last weekend, we need to be able to stock more ice-cream especially for our big event days just around the corner (the Car Show on Sunday and Canada Day the weekend after).. so I jumped into the kitchen this past Sunday and started our 1/2 pints! (I had perfected the recipes back in April (thank goodness) and had the containers ready to be filled!)

So, we’ve been making our 1/2 pints ready to release on Sunday at the Car Show! We have a Peanut Butter Truffle, Blueberry Cheesecake (with local Klaassen Farm Blueberries), and a London Fog!

And if that wasn’t enough growing for us.. we ran a prototype of a Sugar Free Blueberry Cheesecake and it made the cut!! We will have those this weekend too (all our Keto and Sugar Free friends will be going wild on the ice-cream!! My dad said it was “awesome” and that he’d choose it over his usual Cheesecake treat. That my friends, is a good report!)

aaaaaaAAANNNDDDD a Chocolate Nut Vegan Wonder will be in attendance too (that has been happening this week too)!

growing. GROWING, GROWING!!!

So, I posted on social media, if you want to taste my dreams (literally), come to the car show and I'll let you be part of my story. It would be an honour to give you a taste of the wonderful things coming outa our kitchen this week!

((Fortune’s Village Classic Car Show, Sunday, June 23. 10am - 3pm.
We’ll be over by the food vendors in the parking lot by Mill Street.))

Come live our dreams with us!

Like an excited school kid getting ice-cream for breakfast,


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