Hoppy Easter


Seriously though, people are saying that (I’m not the only one)!

I will keep this note short and sweet.

HAPPIEST of Easter! We hope you find moments to pause and celebrate living with those that you love! We’re closed Friday (for Holiday observations) and open as per usual all of the other days (for the foreseeable future).

Some notable things that happened this week.. we’ve got a bunch of our awesome donuts going out this weekend to fill homes with added happiness! Those same donuts (that blog link we shared last week) got published in BC Living - rad right?! We’re pretty thrilled about it, and thankful. We’re sharing our new Vegan + GF Homemade (protein) Oreos. Def come try one, we’d love to have some of your feedback! (I think they’re marvellous, but I haven’t eaten Oreos for years lol) Ron and I checked out a HUGE MIXER and are buying it. There’s more story to tell you... but I’m gonna keep you in suspense for that one. Ron and I had to go do some business in the city yesterday.. and of course, we mixed business and pleasure. Went to one of my fav coffee shops (Matchstick Coffee in China town) and were inspired about ice-cream at Earnest Ice-cream downtown. We’re making plans to launch our ice-cream sooooooon! Keep you posted on the roll out of that :) All this keeping posted stuff… I know, I know... it’s hard to keep (some of) you waiting on those things.

So, Happiest of Easter!

We love you and love being in your world.


Esther Hoogendoorn

Decades Coffee Club