Broken Potential

True story

We bought a mixer. It’s broken, but it’s full of potential!

Isn’t that how sometimes our story feels? Thing is, I was told we could get it working again, and we made some calls (Abi did) and it seems right to believe that we can fix it.

Sometimes our story gets frustrating and we hit roadblocks, but the truth is, a fix is still possible. We are all full of potential. Our days are full of potential.

Truth, I have never used a mixer so large in my life. It’s huge, like the height of my 8-year-old niece. The first time I saw this mixer, I thought to myself, “what could I make with this mixer?” I went home from the initial viewing of the mixer and quietly thought to myself “it’s too big”. A few hours later, the analytical side of my brain started reasoning the idea of having this large mixer in our coffee shop. I could see us teaching baking classes and sharing our baking secrets with our community. I also realized that our current 2 mixers were already mixing what would fit in half the large bowl. I realized that this large machine would be a good size for us to grow into. It could handle us making large amounts of breads and cookies and yummy treats!

The thing is, at first the brokenness was offsetting. Then the hugeness was overwhelming. Then my heart made room me. I could see my limiting beliefs and then I could see what I wanted... then I could speak it out loud.

Truth is, yesterday (Thursday), we borrowed my dads truck (one with a ramp), so we could bring our broken mixer home. We’re gonna doll her up (with a cleaning and fresh paint) and a couple new parts. I’m grateful that God showed me where I was limiting myself. Grateful we didn’t loose our chance at this awesome deal for a tool to grow into more of our dreams.

For what it’s worth, how about you? What’s in front of you and how are you looking at it? Is your heart heavy with fear of what you don’t know or looking at it with eyes that can’t see potential? It’s ok, if you’re discovered that you’re looking at something or someone wrong. Identity where you’re limiting yourself, make the adjustment and move toward your potential.

Also, I need your help (we do). We’ve been working on some new products and we’d love to have our friends come and tell us what you think! We’re thinking of gathering a bunch of favourites together for some eats and treats… a private tasting... likely Sunday, May 5th in the afternoon. If you’d like to join us, we’d love have you! Please rsvp to Abi ( if you’d like to come and we’ll keep you posted with more details.

So, growing.

seeing potential.

we hope you find yourself in similar spots in your story too.



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