Making New Things

Where should I start my thoughts for you this morning? So many things going on around the shop this week.  
I have to admit to feeling like I could accomplish more this year (new years goals for myself personally). I could also tell you... that maybe I should have thought that idea through more thoroughly... it’s like praying for patience (I wouldn’t recommend that). Growing pains and trying to open my mind for more things. We have unique opportunities that we are embracing. Donut days (and those are a fun growing item) and potential to partner with different schools in a variety of ways (tell you more about that another day). Doing a bunch of catering this week too :) We made a post online asking for our community to help us with developing a Chia Pudding recipe (maybe you saw it too)... and received an incredible response and input from people! We’re proud to say that we’re now offering a tasty Vegan and Dairy Free Breakfast or dessert option for people have learned a lot more about our friends doing Keto and how Chia responds to different milks. Also, an 8oz Chia Pudding has 17 grams Fiber in it... ummm. sounds good and helpful (if you know what I mean). Glad we asked our community what they wanted. and glad we could use the opportunity to reach those looking for Vegan and Dairy Free items. Also, those who wanted it with high cream (Keto friends) can come and enjoy our Keto Brownie with their Bullet coffee.  
I’m working on our Chocolate Donut for Monday morning... with variety of different flavours on top of it.. def worth coming and trying one of our Pronuts (protein donuts) if you wanna know what all the craze is about. We’re working on making preorders available... and you know... growing!
I hope you find yourself growing too. Growing through pains if need be... worth asking... is there a donut flavour you have hopes to see us develop?!
Happy Friday! We’re cheering for you!

Esther Hoogendoorn
Operations Lead

Decades Coffee Club