Our First Letter

Hey Friends!

It’s Esther (operations lead here at Decades) this is me and my uncut thoughts and unposed punctuation too (sorry in advance).  I thought I’d write you more of a letter type note for this week - mixing it up some. (maybe you can feel like it’s having a coffee with me while I tell you loaded things on my brain)

WE’RE GROWING AND TRYING NEW THINGS.  (one of our values is that we believe everyone should grow - sigh - seriously though - can you see me smile yet roll my eyes?!)  We’re making new table tops to replace tired ones.  We’re dreaming of creating new lighting for the mezzanine area.  We’re making FANCIER ESPRESSO DRINKS. (Did you hear that we’re making coffees in a new and more awesome way?  well, we are!)  We partnered with a NEW AND AWESOME ROASTING COMPANY, Agro Coffee Roasters!  Brill people from Vancouver doing micro roasts (smaller batches beans than our previous coffee company)!  You know when you meet people, and they’re your people?  They are our people!  Fresh Coffee beans come each week.. and you’re drinking a bean that was roasted hours or days before. So fresh and yummy!  And then we CHANGED OUR MILK TOO.. whole milk - to be more wholesome (just thought of that word pairing just now).. but the more whole milk brings out the flavour profile of the beans.  And speaking of milk.. we’re not burning the milk anymore - we don’t think that’s a great way to have a coffee. AND we can make ART ON THE TOP of your drink (I’m always a fan of more expression / art happening)!  We’re working on making the art happen - growing through that.  Now with the more whole milk, fresh beans and silky microfoam, you can have a brilliant taste of the espresso shot mixed with every sip. It is absolutely delightful!  Try our new 6oz cappuccino’s.. so INCREDIBLY GOOD!

SOOOO as you can see (or read in this matter).. big changes in the last month!  


MATCHA LATTES (that is a fancy version of green tea with lots of health qualities - our  Matcha is unsweetened - but you can get sweetened with our Homemade Vanilla syrup  if you like - the iced version is delightful - in my opinion)!  

BULLET COFFEE has made it’s way to the shop too!  (Bullet coffee is a new Keto thing -  that’s a special diet that is super popular these days.. so a Bullet coffee is an Americano  with a shot or Coconut Oil.. strange, maybe.. but people are ordering it and quite  please with it. adding healthy fats to their eating. hats off, some like it. long  explanation, but now you know.) We’re trying out a few “keto treats” but nothing to  show of that yet.. still def in the “bake-ology” stage. 


If that wasn’t enough growing, I am pushing us ahead to grow more opportunity for locals at our house!  We’re trying anew thing for SATURDAY MORNINGS here in the summer - A ParkingLot Market!  A spot for awesome locals to gather together in a creative way making room for young and old entrepreneurs in an outdoor setting. Consignment meets new. Creativity meets start up business. Farm fresh and more!  We’re launching our first Saturday - like tomorrow, June 9 (rain or shine). 830AM - 12PM.  We’d love to have you stop by - and make yourself at home - as always!

Thanks for dropping by for a moment to connect (reading my thoughts). We’re happy for the opportunity to grow - working through the “growing pains” like we all have too.  Hope you are well, and doing awesome things.  Hope you are finding ways to grow and walk in purpose.   

Thanks for being our friend - we value you!

Sincerely, Esther Hoogendoorn

(Operations Lead, Decades Coffee, Chilliwack)

Decades Coffee Club