New Ideas

Okay though, for reals..

we’re trying to develop a new bun for the shop.. something that we can use for our breakfast sandwiches.. and possibly another menu item (insert wink face on the secretive gesture of a new thing). Tried, white buns, whole wheat and multigrain buns. (I rode with a sack of multigrain flour in the saddle bags of my bike - never thought I’d ever do that, but why not?!) English muffins are so 1998. (We’ve been using them  for our a long bit.. and want to get into making something yummier, fresher and well, (honestly) makes us more money. bread can be expensive (even for us) and we want to grow our ability to make great breads!  Ron also has the idea of Quiche.  I thought about GF quiche (I am absolutely gonna look into making those in the fall)!


Also, wire and more lighting hardwire is happening.  Working on the prefabricating stage so that we can do install in the next few weeks!  

I’m getting so excited about this! (i have dreamed about this forever!  

Someone even suggested we run some classes about how to 

create pendant lighting. LOVE THIS IDEA.. one thing at a time though -

(does one thing at a time even exist?) we’re trying our hand at creating first :)


The other day, I chatted with another coffee shop manager  the other day.  

It was a really good chatt.  It was real and it was honest.  Hearing about the things that are difficult for them.  Adding my two cents about what might work better.   Sometimes we need someone in our corner that has already made it past that corner or has lived in similar shoes.  It’s really special for us to be able to hear where someone is at, and be able to offer support, encouragement  and wisdom to their process.  Isn’t that so a life principle?  Helping each other win more?!  I want to do more and more of these things with my life!  Grateful to be able to breathe hope and encouragement on others - what an honour!


So, keep doing awesome things. 

Keep sharing your story. 

Keep hydrated (it sure is hot out there). 

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 

Cheering for you!


(Decades Coffee, Operation Lead)

Decades Coffee Club