New Years Celebrations

For those who don’t know me I’m Abi and I am the Office Administrator here at Decades. Usually I am the one behind the scenes and some people don’t even know I am here. I had some thoughts so I asked Esther if I could share them with you this week, so here it goes and maybe, just maybe, you’ll here from me a little more often.
The idea of celebrations has come to mind a lot lately. I am a BIG believer in celebrating everything especially the little things! Seriously, people sometimes shake their head at me because I love to celebrate EVERYTHING. This month I celebrated my 22nd birthday and honestly my birthday is one of (if not my all-time) favorite day of the year. Now, you may initially think “wow that sounds a little selfish” but it’s not because of the gifts, or birthday wishes (although those are nice – lets be honest). I think I love my birthday so much because I get to look back on all the things that happened in a year and celebrate with people I love; it’s a reason to get together. I also finished another semester of university this semester so naturally I thought “how can I celebrate?” (for me after running all semester that meant a night in with Netflix). Another celebration for me this month was that I celebrated my one-year anniversary at Decades (it’s been a big month for me). I LOVE this company and the values we stand for so it is a true honor for me to have been here a year (it went by SO FAST).
You might be thinking “that’s great Abi, good for you, but what does this have to do with me?” I’m telling you all of this because it made me think “why don’t we celebrate the little things more often?” Some days it’s victory that you got up and went to work and that should be CELEBRATED. Why is it not until something huge happens that we decide to celebrate? I think that we need celebrate more and it would make our days even better! As the New Year is around the corner (and most of us will probably celebrate in fairly big way) can I challenge you to make a simple resolution – CELEBRATE THE LITTLE THINGS. I guarantee if you take time to celebrate more (even if it means treating yourself to quiet night watching a movie, or doing something you love) it will change your perspective on your life. At Decades, we love celebrating people and events and we want our friends to do the same! We love having you as a friend and want to hear about your victories, big and small. So, go, celebrate, in YOUR way.

Happy New Year,
Here’s to making 2019 a year of celebrations
Abi Tolmie

Decades Coffee Club