The Otieno Family

The Weekly Thought:

DO SOMETHING... (direct I know, let me explain)
One of things that attracted me to Decades in the first place (a few years ago) was how much they love our community. I so admire that there is space at the table for people of all different cultures, walks of life, different abilities and more! Our owner, Ron Laser, has a big heart for people and his value for serving our community is something we’re always talking about at Decades. Ron was in Kenya a few weeks ago (totally ask him about it when you see him) and was so moved by things he experienced. He was telling me about Nigel one day and his heart to help him. (I asked Ron to share a few thoughts with you)
“A few years ago, a young teen boy named Nigel in Kenya kicked a rock he mistook for a ball causing a large open rotting wound filled with infection. Without money for treatment he would surely die but with help from Hungry for Life and Canadian donors Nigel received the help he needed. I got to meet Nigel and his family when I was in Kenya a few weeks ago. I was touched by this story and the perseverance of Nigel's dad Edwin to provide for his family through all of this. Nigel still has medical needs. He needs both hips replaced and it's going to cost lots of money.” R.L
As Ron and I talked, I knew we could do something to influence this hard situation! We decided that we could create something to sell at our shop... and assign specific money toward helping the Otieno family (Nigel and his father Edwin and the rest of the family). Sooo, we created something! 
We’ve created the TEA POUCH (some of our favourite tea, from our local friends, Aromatica Fine Teas) packaged in a little brown envelope and $1.00 of the sale goes directly to supporting the Otieno family. It’s a great gift that can fit in a card, or a Christmas stocking... or... you name it! Our TEA POCKET (filled with loose leaf tea) is $4.00 each and they’re available for purchase at our front counter. (If you want a bulk amount of them, please email and we can coordinate getting those to you as well). 
“I loved connecting with Edwin and saw that I can help his dream of expanding his little storefront business selling staple supplies in the slums and earn more profits to care for his family.” R.L
So, we’re making moves and serving people locally and globally! We’d love to have you join us in serving the Otieno family too! We want to DO SOMETHING and use what’s in our hands to help others. 
Happy Christmas Season to you! We’d love to see you and love to have you consider linking with us to serve the Otieno family!
Working together,
Esther Hoogendoorn
Operations Lead, Decades Coffee

Decades Coffee Club