Awards and Winning

Awards and winning
Yep, winning more this week. We hope you were winning too!
Ron and I sat across from another businessman this week and he told us that he believed in us. It’s an empowering feeling when strangers tell you that they believe in you. Makes you walk taller and feel warm inside your heart. 
We recently got an award for being an Inclusive Employer. We’re really glad to be one. At our house, we believe that Everyone is Valuable (guests and employees alike) and that everyone should grow. As Inclusive Employers, as we believe that our values enable us to embrace more individuals at the table. We all have a need to belong and contribute, and we like creating an opportunity for individuals to serve our community. 
We hope to always make a lasting impression in all our employee’s lives. Our hope is to have individuals serve our community and also realize things that they feel drawn too (baking, cleaning, organizing, creating, administration etc..) and help them grow these gifts/skills that are inside of them. We find that in our industry, many employees come with a spark of special skills that have yet to be developed and we’re happy to help them grow into their contribution at the label. We love seeing what different teammates are drawn too and we love matching them to different needs within our label. (We have another teammate growing into a marketing spot and helping us with our social media... excited to see Carrie explore more of this!)  
We’re excited to have more of our community at our house THIS FRIDAY TOO! Some young men that love playing Jazz together are going to be playing at our house FRIDAY 630pm - 830pm! No cover charge, just come and support them, cheer for them and drink a festive beverage. (also, I just created a Gluten Free, Dairy Free “Not So Ordinary Butter Tart” def worth trying one of those too! sooo tasty!)
Speaking of our community, our favourite Loose-leaf Tea friends, Kim and Karen from Aromatica Fine Teas are linking with us for our Otieno family Fundraiser! Every bag of SNOWFLAKE TEA sold, they’re donating $1.00 to our Otieno’s! YAAAY! So, you can fill your stockings with our Tea Pouches or jump over to Aromatica and buy bags of snowflake too - OPTIONS OPTIONS! I sincerely love it when our community works together! It’s a win, WIN!
We sincerely hope you are finding yourself winning today! I know there’s a lot of things going on and busy in your schedule... but I hope you’re winning!  
Cheers to you + Cheers to winning more!  
Esther Hoogendoorn 
Operations Lead, Decades Coffee

Decades Coffee Club